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Latest News
Patchnotes 08/07/2024 - Now enchants/LS/BOGs are stackable items
- Blacksmith NPCs in towns do not require recipes for craft anymore
Patchnotes 05/07/2024 - Fixed blocked clan functions after character relog
- Changed behavior of siege guards (pulling out, correct Z coords reaction model)
- Added a bit more random timers to NPCs idle animations
- Chant of Victory now can be overbuffed by other prophecies
- Adjusted AI for epic-bosses guards so they don't stuck in obstacles
- Fixed next manor period displaying in Manor Manager NPC
Patchnotes 30/06/2024 - Our old experimental client now becomes the main and only available client to play. It ALREADY contains the stackable items patch in it, however you won't see any stackable items effect in game until I make server update. I will give all players 1 week to update their clients and then next weekend will release stackable items server update. After that I won't accept any complains about losing of your scrolls/stones/bogs etc.
- L2Skuf Updater is available now. Please use it after server patches that will require client updates as well. I will mention it every time you need to update the client in patch notes.
Patchnotes 23/06/2024 - Added teleport from Rune GK to Primeval Isle
- Added shop and buffer NPCs to occupied clanhalls
Patchnotes 21/06/2024 - Fixed some incorrect bugged RBs spawns
- Added Private Warehouse to ClanHall Managers.
- Bandit's Stronghold siege is broken now, so this time clan hall will go to the first clan registered there.
Patchnotes 20/06/2024 - Disabled x0.1 XP on 76+. There were more cons than pros of that stuff so I decided to keep rates sonsistent x1 through all levels.
- Fixed the walking NPCs stuck sometimes in towns.
- Monsters in Hot Spring now casting not only Malaria, but other debuffs as well.
Patchnotes 19/06/2024 - Adjusted HP regen for monsters
- Introduced vote rewards. To get rewards you have to vote on L2NETWORK or/and L2JBRASIL for our server. Then ingame enter chat command .l2network or .l2jbrasil and get random reward. You can get rewards from both sites. Rewards: 1-3 Festival Adena (100% chance), 10-20k adena (50%), Top LS 76 lvl (1%). Festival Adenas can be spent to purchase underwear armors from Altushka shop. Details here
- From now all new characters will be created with 4 macroses on their panel: .menu, /unstuck, .l2network, .l2jbrasil
- Possible fix for freezing characters in certain circumstances
- Increased timer for dead pets before they vanish from 20 minutes to 24 hours
- Fixed NPCs idle animations
- Removed books/amulets/blueprints from drop
Patchnotes 07/06/2024 - Fixed overweight issues after buying items in store
- Adjusted movement for flying creatures in Primeval Isle
- Added Ziggurat gatekeepers on the surface above all catas/necros so you don't have to swim down anymore
- Updated logic for shortcut reloading on skills panel when skills are not available anymore
- Adjusted epic boss timers respawns to be less random so it will be easier to catch and farm:
    - - Queen Ant: 24-28 hrs
    - - Core: 42-46 hrs
    - - Orfen: 33-37 hrs
    - - Zaken: 45-49 hrs
    - - Baium: 125-129 hrs
    - - Antharas: 267-269 hrs
    - - Valakas: 267-269 hrs
    - - Frintezza: 48-52 hrs
    - - Regular RBs timers remain the same: 12-60 hrs.
Patchnotes 02/06/2024 - Some monsters incorrect spawn locations cleanup
- Now RB minions can heal RB with their Chant Of Life skill
- Fixed spawn timer for the monsters in the hall (1st room) of Pagan Temple
- Anteroom/Chapel/Darkness keys in Pagan Temple from now can be obtained only for characters with active quest "Seekers Of The Holy Grail"
- Key of Splendor Room in Monastery Of Silence from now can be obtained only for characters with active quest "Guardians Of The Holy Grail"
Patchnotes 29/05/2024 - Added flying creatures on Primeval Isle
- Fixed underground manor areas
- Added a wandering cat "Louie the Cat" for HeavyMedal event per L2OFF
- Fix for incorrect spawn coordinates of transofrm mobs in Valley Of Saints
- Adjusted Sailren AI
Heavy Medal Event

Hunt the monsters that dwell in the lands of Aden and Elmore to fill Collector Bashtal's medal collection. You will find two types during your search: Medals and Glittering Medals.

Patchnotes 22/05/2024 - Fixed Forge Of Gods zone effects for monsters (now monsters have HP regeneration)
- Reworked AIs for certain bosses and minions (especially healers)
- Reworked all dropspoil tables for all monsters. In test-mode for now, further updates coming soon
- Fixed manor in Cruma Tower
- Fixed Silver Hemocyte item now goes to regular inventory instead of quests
- From now the healer guards of Ice Fairy Sirra will be silenced if Captain of the Ice Queen's Royal Guard raidboss has been killed
- Fixed BSOE Castle and BSOE Clan Hall were not usable by PK players
- Fixed Pagan Temple gatekeepers moving intensions
Patchnotes 15/05/2024 - More adjustments for castle regen of exp/hp/mp
- Fixed fishing zones in Hot Springs
- Fixed teleport to Anakim boss during Dusk winner week
- Fixed adena reward for quest "Seductive Whispers"
- Added "Crystallize" skill (max level) to all classes. No more alt dwarves needed to get crystals
- Fixed issue when you could capture Fortress Of Resistance being another CH owner
- Fixed issue when you could not get exp from rooted mob
- Enchanting rework. Now it works per L2OFF chances with separating physical weapons/magical weapons/armors/jewels
- Fixed issue with unable to create a Royal Guard unit in clan
Patchnotes 09/05/2024 - Now Dr Chaos Golem correctly marked as Raid Boss, not an Epic Boss
- Improved movement positioning logic a bit
- Improved the taxes calculation logic in towns/villages including additional surcharges per L2OFF
- Fixed the CH siege starting conditions for Bandits Stronghold and Wil Beast Reserve. Now they can start even if just 1 attacker clan registered for the siege.
- Fixed doubled spawn in Boss rooms in Devastated Castle and Fortress Of The Dead clanhalls
- Improved behavior scripting for Queen Ant
- Some fixed on Frintezza AI
- Fixed Quest "An Arrogant Search" in some rare cases could not get the Blooded Fabrics
- Fixed not working XP/HP/MP recovery function in castles
- Fixed Zaken AI to be more L2OFF-like
- COMMUNITY UPDATE: From now on all the communication with players will be handled in opened discord channels and not in private since almost everybody asks the same questions everyday. Just very specific individual questions will be handled privately.
Patchnotes 01/05/2024 - Fixed incorrect clanmember rank in target window for academy members
- Fixed newly created characters hotbars skills existence
- Added CoinOfLuck to RaidBosses Drop. Drop chance = level of RB, drop amount = 1-N (N = level RB / 10). For example, 20 lvl RB can drop 1-2 COLs with chance 20%, 37 lvl RB can drop 1-4 COLs with 37% chance, 80 lvl RB can drop 1-8 COLs with 80% chance. Anakazel and Halisha (4 Sepulchers) RBs are excluded from CoinsOfLuck rewards. COLs are tradeable items.
- You can spend COLs at NPC Altushka shop in Giran for some fancy hats.
- From now RB kills give clan reputation point to the clan of last hit player. CRP = level RB * 2. For example, level 35 RB will give your clan 70 CRP. Anakazel and Halisha (4 Sepulchers) RBs are excluded from CRP rewards. Only for clans level 5+.
Patchnotes 29/04/2024 - Adjusted reaction range for Ant Qeen Nurses (was 2500, now 3500)
- Fixed retail L2OFF bug when Orfen tried to cast the AOE paralysis to herself instead of attackers
Patchnotes 27/04/2024 - Fixed rare case when clan quest for 4 lvl became unfinishable
- Fixed individual member registrations to Bandits Stronghold siege
- Adjusted cursed weapons behavior per L2OFF
- NPC buffer now ignores PK, flagged, diueling and players in combat stance
- Fixed discord bot epic kill announcements for different epics
- Added ingame announce on epic boss kills
Patchnotes 23/04/2024 - Fixed teleports in Cruma and 7Signs Festivals
- Increased craftbook slots for Warsmiths from 50 to 100
- Added HS buffs to NPC buffer
- Adjusted siege timers to EU regional settings instead of US
Patchnotes 15/04/2024 - Added Shadow Dance in buff list so you can easily get into hard locations and stay there on easy farm under this dance
- Added level to rb kill announce
- Fixed duration of fear effect on players
Patchnotes 13/04/2024 - Added discord-bot with RB kills announcements
- Fixed teleport from catacombs if you are not a member of winning cabal
- Some teleports fixes
- Now /unstuck cast is 15 seconds (in client it is still says 5 min, ignore it)
Patchnotes 12/04/2024 - Small fixes for epic bosses spawns
- Added queen/seraphim buffs into scheme configurator
- Added dead RBs and online counter to site
Patchnotes 09/04/2024 - Now catacombs are opened for everybody even without a registration - Fixed a problem with monster attack desire after using SoulCrystal on them - Added mammon locations announcers - Fixed skills autolearn - Fixed assist-teleports for OOG bots
Patchnotes 08/04/2024 - Enabled skill autolearn
- Added .menu command with stop exp functionality
- Death Whisper is now level 3 at NPC buffer
- Weight limit increased x10
- Buff duration increased to 8hrs
- Herbs drop rate decreased
- Fixed NPCs walker routes in Shuttgart and Primeval Isle
- Fixed Benom teleporting AI
- Fixed undying Abyssal Jewel
- Fixed Frintezza Teleporter AI
- Fixed Ice Fairy Sirra player overweight check on entrance
- Fixed Antharas respawn timer
- Fixed SOE from epics zones
- Fixed clan crest displaying on NPCs
- Fixed private craft restore after restart
- Fixed some bosses incorrect line of sight
- Fixed attack intentions for summons
- Fixed Siege Summons skills
- Fixed aggression behavior for some monsters
- Fixed guards and some NPCs player follow
- Fixed a tons of dialogs with NPCs
Patchnotes 07/04/2024 - Buffslots increased up to 24 (from 20). Additional slots can be aquired from insipration books as usual.