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Server Information

Start Date

- 06.04.2024


- Interlude (old shitty client ftw :D)


- x1 everything.
- Exp for 76+ characters: x0.1


- No box limit.
- All buffs 8hrs duration.
- /unstuck 15 seconds
- Global chat.
- Autoloot (ofc, except RBs and epics).
- Skills autolearn.
- "Crystallize" skill max level added to all classes.
- .menu command with stop exp.
- Weight limit x10.
- Catacombs/Necros are opened without registration (BOM/MOM are still available only for the winners). Even castle lords can register to Dusk.
- Botting is allowed.
- RMT is allowed.
- No shadow weapons.
- Frenzy/Zealot/Guts are nerfed with polearms, so destros will not snowball so fast. Guts adds 10% (lvl1), 30%(lvl2), 50% (lvl3) to base Pdef (All weapons). Frenzy adds 10%(lvl1), 20%(lvl2), 30%(lvl3) Patck with polearm. Zealot - atckspeed 10%-20%-30%, runspeed - 10-15-20 (flat value)
- NPC buffer with ability to save schemes and pet buffs.
- Free professions at NPC in towns.
- Subclass/Nobless - full quest line.
- Added CoinOfLuck to RaidBosses Drop. Drop chance = level of RB, drop amount = 1-N (N = level RB / 10). For example, 20 lvl RB can drop 1-2 COLs with chance 20%, 37 lvl RB can drop 1-4 COLs with 37% chance, 80 lvl RB can drop 1-8 COLs with 80% chance. Anakazel and Halisha (4 Sepulchers) RBs are excluded from CoinsOfLuck rewards. COLs are tradeable items.
- You can spend COLs at NPC Altushka shop in Giran for some fancy hats.
- From now RB kills give clan reputation point to the clan of last hit player. CRP = level RB * 2. For example, level 35 RB will give your clan 70 CRP. Anakazel and Halisha (4 Sepulchers) RBs are excluded from CRP rewards.
- All bosses, epics, sieges, quest etc etc - per retails mechanics. If not - hit admin in discord.
- Mechanics and mobs spawners are per retail (some parsed from C4, some from GF).
- You've got your sandbox server so play as you wish, make your game interesting as pure vanilla lineage2.

3rd class buffs can be obtainable in contestable Clan-Halls

  • Partisans Hideout - Prophecy of Wind
  • Bandit's Stronghold - Prophecy of Fire
  • Devastated Castle - Prophecy of Water
  • Wild Beasts Reserve - Dance of Siren
  • Fortress of the Dead - Chant of Victory
  • Rainbow Chateau - Song of Champion

Donation Options

- No donations for anything at all. No dontaion shop, no vip/premium. You have your RMT stuff - play with it.

Offline Trade

- Activated by exit game while trading
- After re-login the trade/craft list is saved so you do not have to set everything again for trade if you accidentally kicked off your trader from game
- Offline craft is available


- Default 1-month cycle
- You need 9 matches and 1 win to pretend to be a hero
- 9 participants needed to start non-class fights, 5 for class-based


- +3 safe (+4 for full-armor)
- +16 max