Daily voting increases server population!
Voting Guide Voting for server drastically increases server population so you can have more fun! Please not you can vote for all services every 12 hours and get your rewards!
Please DO NOT use anything you may abuse with voting (like vpns, proxies) in abnormal way getting 1000 votes everyday. Server might be banned and delisted from service and your rewards will be tracked and wiped anyway. Thank you for understanding. I want everything to be fair.

Vote Rewards

Festival Adena 1-3 100%
Adena 10 000 - 20 000 50%
Top LS 76 1 1%

Voting Process

Step 1: Click on the vote button on site

voting step-1

Step 2: L2Network - wait for countdown and submit your vote

voting step-2ln

Step 2: L2jBrasil - click on the button to submit your vote

voting step-2br

Step 3: Ingame enter commands .l2network or .l2jbrasil

voting step-2

Step 4: Spend your Festival Adena in Altushka's shop!

voting step-4
voting step-4


Q: I voted but system says I didn't vote!

That can happen, unfortunately. Either server didn't recognize your record to voted database, or voting service have not accepted your vote. Try next day (or in 12 hours), if the problem continues to appear constantly after 2-3 days and even have not fixed after server restart - report in discord.

Q: Can I vote for 2 services and get both rewards at te same time period?


Q: Vote rewards just underwear armor and that's it?

For now - yes (and don't forget about chance for adena and Top LS!). In future the assortment will be extended with some unique hats and some character services.

Q: Is Festival Adena tradeable?